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Located in Picacho, Arizona - the heart of Arizona's prime
team roping activity - Aros Ranch is your headquarters for roping events, rope horses, roping lessons, horse training
and team roping practice sessions.


Four time NFR qualifier George Aros can help you and your horse reach the top level of performance with expert advice, and solid horsemanship.


Whether you are looking for your next roping prospect, or needing to brush up on your team roping skills, Aros Ranch is the place to be.








2018 Cervi Roping

Congratulations to Thomas Richards and Nick Sarchett on winning the 2018 Cervi Memorial Pro Classic!

Nick and Tom each received a check for $10,943

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Welcome Winter Visitors!

In the winter, you can hardly throw a lope without hitting a team roper around here. Folks come from all over the US and Canada to spend winter months team roping in Central Arizona. Great weather, loads of roping events, and top notch roping arenas make Arizona the mecca for team roping activity.

We love hosting ropers from the friggid north. Drop by Aros Ranch for Team Roping practice, check out our rope horses for sale, or tune up with some roping lessons. It's a great way to spend a winter!





News and Announcements

Aros Arena's Senior Day Care: AKA Roping Practice for the 60+ Crowd

10 - Noon Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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Credit Cards

We now accept credit cards at ropings. There will be a 3% fee, but it can be done.


Tune Ups

On your way to some ropings? Stop by for a few days and tune up your style. It can make the difference between a good payday and being out of the money. See details






Cowboy Curch Ropings in Casa Grande Last Sunday Monthly


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Roping Practice & Lessons
Monday thru Friday at noon
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Map To Aros Arena

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